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Where can I buy EnteroSatys®?

Either click directly on our E-Shop on the website or choose from a selection of pharmacies that you can find here : link to the map

Do I need a prescription to buy EnteroSatys®?

No, EnteroSatys® is a food supplement so you can buy it over the counter without a prescription.

Does EnteroSatys® cause any side effects?

no particular side effects are expected.

Is it possible to combine EnteroSatys® with a medicine? (Antibiotic treatment or other)

Yes, according to its mechanism of action, there is no reason why EnteroSatys® couldn’t be taken with other medicines. Antibiotics should be taken several hours earlier or later to ensure efficacy of EnteroSatys®. However, please seek medical advice from your doctor concerning specific medicines.
Conditions of use

Is it possible to take EnteroSatys® during pregnancy and / or breastfeeding? Can it be consumed by children?

EnteroSatys® has not been specifically tested in these groups. Please seek medical advice before using EnteroSatys® if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Is it possible to open the capsule?

No, the capsule is a gastro-resistant envelope (DRCAPS) which protects the product and its active ingredients until the gut, therefore we can’t ensure the efficacy of the product unless it is contained within the capsule.

Is it possible to take EnteroSatys® if you have diabetes?

EnteroSatys® contains chromium which contributes to normal blood glucose levels. However, please seek medical advice before using EnteroSatys® if you suffer from specific pathologies.

How should I store my box of EnteroSatys®?

EnteroSatys® should be stored in a dry place at room temperature out of reach of children.

Does EnteroSatys® contain GMOs?

No, neither the process nor the formulation use GMOs.

Is EnteroSatys® natural?

EnteroSatys® contains Hafnia alvei 4597 a lactic ferment strain naturally found in the human gut and in raw milk products. Zinc and Chomium are natural minerals.  Its mechanism of action enhances natural pathways.

What is the active ingredient in EnteroSatys®?

Hafnia alvei 4597 est la souche bactérienne d’EnteroSatys®. EnteroSatys® contient également du zinc et du chrome qui contribuent à l’équilibre des métabolismes des macronutriments (sucres et graisses).

D’où vient la souche Hafnia alvei 4597 ?

Hafnia alvei 4597 is a  lactic bacteria from the Enterobacteriaceae family. Hafnia alvei naturally occurs in raw milk products but also in the human microbiota. Hafnia alvei specie has also been used for decades as a lactic ferment in the dairy industry, it is used in cheese manufacturing.
Conditions of use

What is the composition of EnteroSatys®? Does EnteroSatys® contain allergens? Gluten?

EnteroSatys® contains the bacterium Hafnia alvei 4597, Chromium and Zinc. Neither the manufacturing process nor the product composition contain major allergen substances. The ingredients used do not contain gluten.

Is the product micro-encapsulated?

No, this is not needed as the capsules are gastro-resistant (DRCAPS) to protect the ingredients until the gut.

How long does it last? Can we / should we take it continuously?

One box contains 60 capsules for 1 month of treatment. EnteroSatys® can be taken continuously until the desired goal is achieved.

Is EnteroSatys® a French product?

EnteroSatys® is the result of more than ten years of research at INSERM, in the laboratories of the Faculty of Medicine of Rouen. It is a French product, born from French research and manufactured in France.
(More information can be found on the laboratory at or on the Laboratory page)

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